Delta Process Updates

Sep 20, 2018

Delta Process Updates

Those of you who are familiar with the Echo Managed Service, know that, for larger databases, we employ a 'Delta' process.

This is the process whereby we take one database to migrate initially (the 'Primary'), while users are still happily using their on premise system. After most of the data has migrated to the new environment, we then take a second copy or 'Delta' to complete the migration.

Typically we run this Delta process over a weekend, to ensure we have enough time to compete the migration before your users come online on Monday.

As we work over multiple timezones, and as migrations with the Echo Managed Service are increasing greatly, we thought we'd look at making this timescale shorter.

Up until this point, we have always held off of updating statuses of records in the new destination, until the delta migration. Usually this still allows us plenty of time to migrate over a weekend, however with customers that have high transaction data volumes (activities, or client information changes), this can push the envelope.

The 2 key updates we've made to the Delta process are to allow the status updates of certain entities before the delta window (and manage the updates if they occur int he delta migration), and to better refine our model so that the Echo processor is running updates based not only on modifiedon date, but also a comparison of data between the two databases.

We'd be happy to share any information on this new process, and of course get in touch to find out more about the Echo Managed Service.


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