Quote Revision Migration - On Premise to D365

Jan 17, 2019

Quote Revision Migration - On Premise to D365

On Premise to Online migration should always aim to replicate exactly the source data in the new Dynamics 365 environment.

This month we have perfected the technique of including the RevisionNumber field on the quote entity.

This might not sound like much, but the following scenario occurs surprisingly often with Dynamics CRM On Premise to Online migrations, and has driven our team to find a solution.

Within Dynamics CRM, when a quote is 'revised', the system applies a read only revision number. This, coupled with the requirement for a unique QuoteReference field prompts the API (using any tool - not just Echo!) to reject the create message when you try to create multiple quotes of the same QuoteReference (QuoteID is the display name). This means, you're left with a choice. Either exclude all but the latest revision from the migration, or change the QuoteReference with a suffix of the revision number.

Using the new Solution Extension to the Echo managed service, we are now able to update the revision number and provide an 'as is' migration of this data.

We'd be interested to hear how anyone else has addressed this issue, and if you're facing this problem then get in touch with our team - we're ready to help you with your On Premise to OnLine migration using the Synchronicity Echo Managed Service.

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