Saved Views and Dashboards

Jan 29, 2019

Saved Views and Dashboards

One of the key benefits of using Dynamics CRM is the ability for users to create their own Views and Dashboards.

Migrating these is not always as easy as it sounds, and in larger organizations it can be difficult to manage.

One of the challenges is that, between deployments and post upgrade, the object type (number reference) for an entity can change, even if the entity schema name is the same.

If you're migrating all Saved Views and dashboards, it could be easy to just ignore these errors and chalk them up to 'invalid data'.

Also, many users rely on views and dashboards owned by other users, so you also need to manage the sharing of these records.

The Synchronicity Echo Managed Service provides complete migration of all Views and Dashboards as standard. You own the same records at the end of the migration, and they are shared with the correct individuals.

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